Nymphenburg ted muehling matte ice blue glazed large egg vase



Ted Muehling for Nymphenburg matte ice blue glazed large egg vase. Vase measures approximately 6″ high.

Since the founding of its manufactory more than 275 years ago, Nymphenburg has been committed to producing its world-famous porcelain by hand — a feat to which few makers can lay claim today.

Established in 1747 at the behest of Maximillian III Joseph, Prince-Elector of Bavaria, the Munich-based brand is renowned for its hand-painted tableware, accessories and works of art. Skilled artisans preserve centuries of craftsmanship, spanning in-house painters, molders and turners. Featuring a repertoire of molds made up of more than 40,000 templates and color laboratory with formulas for more than 15,000 glazes and paints, Nymphenburg stands out not only for both its contemporary and classic designs, but also for bringing custom visions to life.
What’s more, sustainability is embedded in the fabric of the porcelain maker’s daily operations. Hydropower drives its historic grinding drums, stirring vats and turntables, while natural raw materials sourced from the EU ensure a conscientious production process.