Ted Muehling 22k & opal, moonstone, pink tourmaline & aquamarine bug clusters



Ted Muehling 22k & opal, moonstone, pink tourmaline & aquamarine bug clusters. The cluster measures 3/4″ x 5/8″. When hanging, the earrings measure 1 1/8″ from top of ear wire to bottom of earring.

- opal
- moonstone
- pink tourmaline
- aquamarine
- 18k yellow gold
- 1 1/8" total length
- each earring weighs 3.55g

Form, proportion and balance take centerstage in Ted Muehling’s collections of jewelry and decorative objects, born from his fascination with organic forms found in nature.

Since the launch of his namesake line in 1976, the New York City-based artist has turned out both one-of-a kind and limited production pieces using a diverse array of materials including both precious and semi-precious stones, as well as pearl, plastic, horn and wood.
Avoiding the conventions of industrial design which he studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Muehling takes a more artisanal approach to his jewelry; working directly with the materials, Muehling and his team bring his natural world-inspired pieces to life, spanning delicate mothwing earrings crafted in 18k yellow gold and black diamonds, to a 10k yellow gold choker resembling a string of apple seeds.