Ted Muehling 14k pearl & opal necklace on blue silk thread



Ted Muehling pearl & opal necklace with Ted’s signature toggle clasp in 14k. The necklace measures approximately 29″ in length with pearl and opal beads measuring approximately 1/4″ in diameter. The beads are strung on blue thread & finished with a 14k yellow gold clasp

- Akoya pearls & opals
- 14k yellow gold clasp
- 29" total length

Since 1976, Ted Muehling has been designing jewelry and decorative objects inspired by organic forms found in nature. Muehling studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in New York where he was mentored by designers who fostered an appreciation of form, proportion, and pure beauty as well as advocating the power of design to enhance every day life.

Muehling has garnered attention for jewelry that refined such natural forms as rice grains, olive branches, pinecones and insect wings. His discipline gradually led him to expand his repertoire of iconic forms, creating lighting and other decorative and functional objects.

Muehling’s prominence and unique presentation has cultivated collaborations with several, well-esteemed companies such as Porzellan-Manufactur Nymphenburg, Steuben, Lobmeyr and E.R. Butler, resulting in a broad and exemplary range of functional objects in porcelain, glass and metal.