Sia Taylor 18k yellow gold tiny scattered seed necklace



Sia Taylor 18k yellow gold tiny scattered seed necklace. Small 18k seed-shaped charms measuring approximately 3/32″ in diameter and are handmade and delicately attached to a 16 1/2″ chain.

- 18k yellow gold
- 16 1/2" total length

Delicate and evocative, Sia Taylor’s sculptural designs reflect the shapes, sounds and movement found in nature, from wind rustling the leaves in a tree, to a glimmer of sunlight bouncing off a raindrop.

A sculpture student in her last term at London’s Royal College of Art at the time, Taylor got her start in the jewelry world as a working on a little bench under a tree at a bush camp Botswana’s Okavango Delta, drawing and making simple pieces inspired by the forms and textures of the plants, seeds and grasses around her.
Since launching her namesake fine jewelry line in 2007, Taylor has become known for her undulating, shimmering works, handcrafted by the designer and a small team of artisans out of her countryside studio in Somerset, England. Each leaf, drop and bead in Taylor’s wearable works of art is carefully cut, shaped, soldered and hammered by hand, crafted from 100 percent recycled gold and platinum in a rainbow of hues. “I love the combination of textures, tones patterns and intensities,” says Taylor.