Gabriella Kiss 18k spiral snake earrings with white south sea pearls



Gabriella Kiss 18k yellow gold spiral snakes wrapped around large white South Sea pearls. The snakes have delicate champagne diamonds as eyes. Each earring measures approximately 1 3/4″ x 1/2″.

- 18k yellow gold
- champagne diamond eyes
- South Sea pearls
- 1 3/4" total length
- each earring weighs 6.25g

“I have always had an eye for the small. A world within a world, the microcosm as the macrocosm.”

Born in Canada and schooled at Pratt Institute in sculpture, Gabriella Kiss makes work that tends towards belonging in a diorama in a Natural History Museum. “I try to make pieces that have a narrative, or a context that can carry humor, sentiment, or some sort of commentary on the human condition.”