Darius 18k fairy chain necklace with diamonds, 2.21ct



Darius 18k yellow gold Fairy Chain necklace with diamonds. The 17" handcrafted necklace is burnished with 24k yellow gold & finished with a box clasp. 

- Diamonds, 2.21ct
- 18k yellow gold
- burnished with 24k
- 17" total length

The vision of married co-founders Darya Khonsary and Arielle Chiara Khonsary, Darius pays homage to the wisdom of the ancient worlds in the form of time-honored symbols and talismans brought to life in fair-mined yellow gold.

Conceptualized by Khonsary and carved in thick 18k gold by an in-house master goldsmith in Los Angeles, Darius’ mystical designs capture the energy and symbolism of bygone civilizations with archaic motifs, from the Eye Idols of Tell Brak to zodiac charms. Meanwhile, weighty chains in the brand’s signature luminous 24-karat gold satin finish are embedded with luscious gemstones such as antique and reclaimed diamonds, each thoughtfully chosen by Chiara Khonsary.
The end result: a finely tuned visual language that communicates the power of the past in a thoroughly contemporary way, lending each handmade piece instant heirloom status.

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