Judy Geib 18k & oval boulder opal bracelet with a 22k over silver band



Judy Geib 18k & oval boulder opal bracelet with a 22k yellow gold over silver band. The opal is bezel-set into a hinged, layered silver & 22k gold band, and the stone measures 1″ by 3/4″. The interior of the bracelet measures 2 1/2″ x 1 3/4″.

- boulder opal
- 22k yellow gold
18k yellow gold
- sterling silver

Simple or highly complex, fancy or crude, the pieces found in Judy Geib’s namesake line all have one thing in common: a visible and obvious touch of the hand.

After falling in love with antique jewelry, but without the means to buy it, Geib took matters into her own hands, determined to craft her own treasures with a plumber’s torch and a how-to handbook. Geib identifies as a maker, first and foremost, because her work usually takes form as it’s made, rather than being designed in advance.
But it’s that glimpse of an idea and the process of chasing it over and over to find ways to best express it that gives way to the former graphic designer’s free-spirited pieces, inspired by everything from calligraphy to textiles to the night sky. Rendered in gold and often anchored by a large gemstone, Geib’s designs are as extravagant as they are humble, and no two ever match.

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