Mother's Day: The Great Inheritance

Gabriella Kiss oval aquamarine and tiny marquis opal ring, Lola Brooks oval blue sapphire ring & Loriann Stevenson large oval turquoise ring.


Seismic in power. Oozing of self-sacrifice. Swathed in mystique. Dazzling in its capacity. Spectacularly convoluted. We are all bequeathed one endless, truest love of our lives — by our Mother. Endless because in a world where impermanence is the only absolute, an invisible umbilical cord forever connects She and child. It transcends any knowledge we have of time or space.

From birth through the prodigious journey, the field guide to life is laid out, the seeds of womanhood are planted, unspoken personal forfeitures are made, fierce nurturing and protections executed. And recognition? Oftentimes scarce until the beneficiary transforms into benefactress — or uncontrollable forces grant the gift of perspective.


Nicole Landaw 14k wave bangles

To summon the necessary gratitude in the now, we owe her first the favor of truly knowing her. Surely, she tirelessly imparts overt lessons, but to dig deep is to become a student of her personal habits, interactions, attitudes, and style. They are all beautiful clues to her unique lens. Of anything material, the most intimate of belongings — her jewelry — somehow captures both the perceivable self-image and how her inner world spins.

Whether discovered and plucked to represent the face she chooses to outwardly show the world, or given as a tribute — if it is worn, it is loved. In times of celebration, mourning, or even vulnerable private moments when she perhaps just needs to feel glamorous, every trinket is emotionally charged with the value of her life’s history. It signifies her pride, her taste, and her joie de vivre.

Lola Brooks large ruby earrings & Ted Muehling pearl and opal twice around necklace on coral silk thread



In terms of child, pieces are infused with their own sense of wonder and respect. While young, they are tried on, dangling loosely on a wrist or finger — how cool. Once a certain age is reached, borrowed for a special occasion — what an honor. At the beginning of another happy era or at the end of this life, ceremoniously inherited — sentimental couldn’t begin to describe it. Here, at this juncture, is when the bond can truly feel captured. Does it become a version of WWJD (mom’s initial inserted) when worn? A reminder to lead with your heart, an aid to muster strength, or offer self-encouragement? However internalized, jewelry becomes a secret journal that is a legacy loaded with meaning.

Ted Muehling small Queen Anne’s lace earrings with opal, diamonds and pearls & Gabriella Kiss 18k & pink sapphire rings




The future, the past, the present — our purpose — isn’t it all about creating meaning? And, ultimately, isn’t the subconscious prayer that when this life is left behind, an exclamation point will be imprinted on the world once inhabited? For Mothers, that indelible spark she ignites in the world is and will forever be — her precious daughter.


Text by Brenna Pierose, Images by Sara Moe