Judy Geib 18k & oval light colombian emerald echo necklace, 10.32ct



Judy Geib 18k yellow gold & oval light Colombian emerald Echo necklace on handmade chain. The bezel set 10.32ct emerald measures approximately 5/8" x 1/2". The total length of the necklace measures 17".

I moved to New York for art, and, after twenty years of drawing and making objects while earning a living doing graphic design, I unexpectedly found myself making jewelry.

I taught myself with a plumber's torch and a high school instruction book—little by little and project by project I concocted my own way of doing things. What I like most is the excitement of trying an idea, not knowing what it will become, and then, when it is finished, experimenting all over again. 
Hand making is important to me because it is a slow process that lets ideas gradually come into focus and be tumbled around and played with. Ideas often come from the most unexpected places, like the logo of a container truck rolling by, but especially they come from just sitting down at my table and trying things out.