En 14k & blue chalcedony floating knot necklace



En 14k green gold & blue chalcedony floating knot necklace on an 18k yellow gold chain. The green gold knot measures approximately 1/4" x 1/4" & the hand-carved blue chalcedony knot measures approximately 1/4" x 1/4".  The necklace measures 15 1/2" long & is finished with En's signature toggle clasp.

- blue chalcedony
- 14k green gold
- 18k yellow gold chain
- 15 1/2" total length

Since striking up a friendship at a busy diner counter in Brooklyn, Malu Byrne and Rick Van Streain Low immediately knew they were meant to be creative partners. The result: En, a fine jewelry line envisioned in 2019, comprised of pieces both Byrne and Low could see themselves wearing. 

Drawing upon their respective backgrounds in the jewelry industry (Byrne with Gabriella Kiss, Low with Me&Ro and Jill Platner) the friends dreamed up a minimalist collection of stackable rings, lariat necklaces and lobe-grazing hoops, rendered in the likes of smoky quartz, zebra stone and a prism of gold hues.

For both Low and Byrne, it’s important for the collection to feel inclusive, as seen in the brand’s unisex options and pieces available in both low- and high-karat gold. It’s such a huge joy for us to see our customers play, create, and personalize their experience with our jewelry, says Byrne.