Alice Cicolini 14k & enamel sari chanderi mini ring with spessartite garnet



Alice Cicolini 14k yellow gold & enamel Sari Chanderi Mini Ring with spessartite garnet, size 6 3/4. The stone measures approximately 1/4 x 3/16" & the band measures approximately 1/16".

- spessartite garnet
- 14k yellow gold
- lacquer enamel
- size 6 3/4

By nature, enamel is a delicate material, and, as such, it should be treated with care and requires a more delicate hand

Due to the nature of this ring, it cannot be resized. Appropriate sizes can be special ordered, please allow 10 - 12 weeks. Inquire to order

Alice Cicolini celebrates craftsmanship at every turn with her eponymous line, but it’s the artistry of enameling that truly shines through.

Marrying contemporary design with time-honored jewelry-making methods, Cicolini’s works are wax-carved in her London studio before being sent to India. Here, they come to life in the hands of Jaipuri meenakari, versed in traditional Persian enameling. Candy-colored emerald cabochons, hand-carved watermelon-colored tourmalines and ethereal lavender-hued moonstones also take centerstage in the designer’s sculptural pieces, sharing the spotlight with 22k gold and hand-carved ebony and maple.

As a former curator and commissioner for the British Council in India and the U.K., the Central Saint Martins-trained jeweler honed in on how national characteristics are represented through design. Cicolini’s works have shown at London’s V&A, the Zaha Hadid Gallery, Asia House and Bungalow 8 in India; she is also the author of “The New English Dandy,” an exploration of contemporary British dandyism.