Gabriella Kiss: An Artist's Nature, Nurtured

Just like its canvas counterparts, wearable art deserves a narrative — to satiate wonderment, spark conversation, and perhaps most importantly, honor its creators. Considering Gabriella Kiss’ collection boasts whimsical clipper ship earrings to “sail with you through life” and bracelets composed of wax-casted fungi inspired by bucolic walks, the sculptural designer has an especially unique yarn to unravel. Above, the esteemed creative director Gael Towey takes on the narrative in her revealing [Portraits In Captivity] series. The lens is set in Kiss’ Duchess County home and studio, a majestic nineteenth-century church where the Pratt-trained artisan galvanizes her curiosity for nature’s fine detail. From her start in matchboxes crafted into miniature rooms and a collaboration involving lily-pad nesting tables to the catalyst for using hands in her work, this depiction is so intimate that the filmmaker immediately renders viewers feeling privileged (not to mention envious of such an enchanting lifestyle and profound talent).