Engagement Rings: To Have & To Hold

Gabriella Kiss’ 18k & clear oval rose cut diamond ring

To have found a “soulmate” is to believe you and your beloved were made from the same star. And by entering into marriage, both parties commit to letting that star shine as luminously and wondrously together forever. While dropping a knee to ask that most momentous question commands jitters, sometimes finding the perfect symbol to signify all of that emotion tends to be the hardest task. After all, it’s never leaving her finger, so the gem needs to reflect her own personality in tandem with your binding history.

Nicole Landaw's 18k & Miner cut diamond blossom ring available by special order.
Nicole Landaw’s 18k & Miner cut diamond blossom ring available by special order.
This month, we lavish upon you compelling renderings of August’s designers’ exclusive engagement rings by Danielle Murray alongside the sparkler itself to perhaps encourage the daunting process along. Each creator embraces her own unique approach that will mirror its intended bride. For instance, Gabriella Kiss was inspired by Medieval paintings for her yellow gold scalloped bezel. Nicole Landaw has a deeply personal vibe with her handmade rings as seven years ago her now-husband presented her with a “make your own engagement ring kit,” sparking her signature use of delicate blossom designs. “Unlike traditional, commercial, modern-cut brilliant diamonds, which are very flat across the top, I only use old diamonds (Miner and European cuts) that are at least 60 years old, if not significantly older, 90-100 years old. These stones are really rare and special and certainly not for everyone, but I see a woman who isn’t precious and dainty — although she can be quite fancy when she wants!”

Lola Brooks' 18k & pale grey round rose cut diamond ring.
Lola Brooks’ 18k & pale grey round rose cut diamond ring.
Lola Brooks, on the other hand, is inspired by the “mood of the stone,” and sees herself a freer of its secrets. She describes it as being drawn to “the way a diamond can both reflect light out and draw it in, and the strange and beautiful inclusions that pull me into its depths and mysteries.” For Loriann Stevenson’s round rose cut slice “dirty” diamond, she always starts with the center stone and achieves harmony in color from there. She says, “The woman who wears my designs is unconventional, elegant, and edgy. She appreciates tradition but isn’t afraid to put her own spin on it.” Last but certainly not least, Rosanne Pugliese’s modern take, the “wide open band,” bridges the gap between 22K rich and soft gold with a baguette diamond bezel to “complete” or “join” the ring — forming a piece ripe with meaning.
Loriann Stevenson’s 18k & round yellow diamond slice ring with white diamond pave.
August holds more personal information on each piece, even a poem for one in particular, so please do inquire to give your betrothed some fascinating background along with the question-pop.
Rosanne Pugliese’s 22k wide open band with a bezel set diamond baguette.
In the meantime, may we give you a suggestion from Ms. Landaw for your fated day? “I see flowers, the outdoors, and lots of tears of joy,” she says. “And, it’s early in the day so there’s plenty of light to study the ring — plus lots of time to relish the special moment and share it with family and friends.”