Lola Brooks 18k & full cut oval diamond ring, 0.93 ct



Lola Brooks 18k yellow gold & oval full-cut oval diamond ring, size 6 3/4.  The 0.93ct black spotted diamond is set in Lola’s signature fine bezel & measures approximately 3/8 x 1/4″. The width of the band tapers from approximately 1/16″ to 1/8″. 

- 0.93ct diamond
- 18k yellow gold setting
- size 6 3/4

This ring can be resized. Please allow 2 - 6 weeks. Inquire about sizing fee.

When Lola Brooks picked up a soldering torch for the first time, she knew she was destined to become a jeweler.

Today, the metalsmith’s informal-yet-elegant namesake line reflects a diverse set of influences ranging from the Victorian-era obsession with death and sentimentality to the Arts & Crafts movement and modernist American studio jewelry. Stones, often hand-cut, are the starting point for Brooks, who incorporates a rainbow of gems from rubies to tourmaline in her collections—though has a professed fondness for diamonds. Each piece is fabricated or carved in wax and cast, resulting in limited production and one-of-a-kind works.
An artist and educator who studied at Pratt Institute and earned a BFA in metals at SUNY New Paltz, Brooks has had her work chronicled in numerous publications. Her pieces can be found in the permanent collections of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Art and Design.

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