Alice Cicolini 14k & lavender moonstone memphis bubble baguette drops with diamonds



Alice Cicolini 14k yellow gold & lavender moonstone Memphis bubble pave baguette day drops with diamonds and pink sapphires. The lavender moonstone baguette measures approximately 3/8″ 3/16″. The earring measures approximately 1″ from the top to the bottom of the earring.

- lavender moonstone baguette drops
- pink sapphire & diamond pave
- 14k yellow gold

“The patterns and architecture of the Silk Route steal the spotlight in Alice Cicolini’s eponymous line, launched in 2009.”

Marrying contemporary design with time-honored jewelry-making traditions, Cicolini’s works are wax carved in her London studio before being sent to India where they come to life in the hands of Jaipuri meenakari, versed in the time-honored Persian art of enameling. Candy-colored emeralds cabochons, hand-carved watermelon tourmalines and ethereal lavender moonstones also take centerstage in the designer’s sculptural pieces, alongside 22k gold, and hand-carved ebony and maple.

As a former curator and commissioner for the British Council in India and the U.K., the Central Saint Martins-trained jeweler first discovered how national characteristics are represented through design. Cicolini’s works have shown at London’s V&A, the Zaha Hadid Gallery, Asia House and Bungalow 8 in India; she is also the author of “The New English Dandy,” which explores contemporary British dandyism.

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