OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is a family-run, Danish jewelry company with a distinctly Scandanavian aesthetic. The company was established in 1963 by goldsmith and fine jewelry designer Ole Lynggaard. Today, Ole and his daughter, Charlotte work closely together, designing collections for a dedicated clientele of European royalty. Most OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN jewelry is still produced at the company’s workshop north of Copenhagen, in the very same area where Ole Lynggaard opened his first workshop in 1963.

Ole Lynggaard strives for excellence both as a goldsmith and as a jewelry designer. He often finds his inspiration close to home by exploring the Scandinavian landscapes. His jewelry designs are classic – with a timeless elegance and a contemporary expression.

Charlotte Lynggaard’s luxurious jewelry designs appeal to all kinds of women; sophisticated, feminine or modern. Charlotte has the ability to capture that special kind of edge in her designs and bring forth an elegant and rough yet sensual look – which has become her trademark. For Charlotte, jewelry must be compelling. It must be eloquent and evocative.